WYC 112 – Championship Culture Part 8 – What are the 4 cornerstones of building Championship Culture?


Craig Haworth is the founder of Winning Youth Coaching, whose mission is to empower and train youth sports coaches at all levels to build championship programs by creating a culture that values the contribution of each individual and accelerates deep training to achieve peak performance.

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‘Be a coach that builds up children and teaches them to overcome adversity, instead of being the adversity the child has to overcome.’

The 4 Cornerstones

1 – Establishing Core values

2 – Accelerate deep training

3 – Defining an important role for everyone & Developing your leaders

4 – Achieving Peak Performance

Taking action – How to implement the 4 cornerstones

  • Your equivalent to attending a live conference, but at the convenience of listening on your own schedule.
  • 6 sessions that are about 40 minutes each
  • Do-it-yourself worksheets and attachments to put pen to paper and make a plan of action for your program.
  • Networking – 2 month membership to our culture bus masterminding network group to help encourage you and to learn from each other along the way.
  • Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign – this will allow me to understand the size and scope of the audience, and take feedback through comments on the kickstarter campaign page itself – to tweak this course to make it exactly what you, as a coach, need and want.

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Caz McCaslin’s 2 minute Coaching tips

  • Spirituality – It’s one of our most important influences to help kids see they why behind what we do, and help them find their own why


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Upward Sports promotes the discovery of Jesus through sports, by providing a fun, encouraging environment in which young athletes can learn technical skills and a love of the game. We use sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and flag football to help young athletes develop mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially. We are about the whole athlete—that’s our 360 Progression.

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