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WYC 027 Youth Football – Mike Frederick talks High School Football, the NFL, and Joe Ehrmann

What does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Mike Frederick shares coaching stories and discusses his journey to becoming a successful coach.

Mike played 5 years in the NFL, including a Super-Bowl run with the Tennessee Titans, 1 year with the original Cleveland Browns, and 3 years with the Baltimore Ravens. He is now the head football coach at his alma mater, Neshaminy High School in Philadelphia.  Mike is married and has four children.

Neshaminy H.S. on Twitter: @neshaminy

Neshaminy H.S. Website: neshaminyfootball.com

NFL Player article on Mike: nflplayerengagement.com

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

  • ‘The reason I coach is to make each player feel valued – from the top player on the roster to the bottom’

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The Music City Miracle

  • This was a play they practiced every week all season – so the team was prepared, the coach did not panic, and even though it didn’t go exactly as planned – the players were prepared and executed the play successfully.

My ‘Cringe’ Moment

  • Pulling players immediately after they make a mistake – you teach your players to play in fear instead of aggressively

My ‘Ah-Ha Moment’

HUGE IDEA #1: ‘The best time to implement change is after a win’  – players are in a good mood, your voice will come across less irritating, studies show kids are apt to listen more after a win.  After a loss is when you need to be more encouraging.

Teaching Children & Keeping it Fun

  • Each kid responds to different types of teaching – and the only way to figure it out with each kid is trial and error
  • Change things up: Play loud music during practice(learning to communicate in a loud setting); set fun goals: if our running back out-rushes their running back then we get ice cream(great goal b/c it affects the offense and defense)

Best Stolen Idea/Advice from another Coach

  • ‘The reason I coach is to make each player feel valued – from the top player on the roster to the bottom’

Recommended Resources

  • HUDL – allows him to watch film with his coaches while at their own home.  Also they exchange 3 films with each team they play- so they physically don’t send any scouts to any games.  You can also track how long players have been on HUDL – so they try to catch their players doing something right and recognize players that are putting extra time in.
  • Other coaches – if you’re struggling with something – call up some other coaches and ask for a few tips


  • 4 step process for a player who has a concern or is upset:
  1. Talk to your position coach
  2. Talk to your coordinator
  3. Talk to the head coach
  4. If there is still a problem – then the head coach can pull in the parents if needed

Reward and Recognition

  • Mike asked the players if there were any ‘entertainers’ in the group (artistic, musicians, rappers, etc.) – told them to prepare something  – and on the last 3-a-day of the summer – they skipped the last practice and let the players ‘entertain’ the team

Inspiring Story

  • Joe Ehrmann has been a personal mentor to Mike, and Mike has implemented Joe’s philosophy of how to love these kids.
  • Mike shared a story of a kid from Haiti who didn’t have much money or insurance, but when he turned 18 he purchased his own 4-month insurance rider and is playing for their team his senior year.  Very inspiring to Mike and the whole team.  ‘That’s why I coach’

Winning/Goals for a Youth Coach

HUGE IDEA #2– Priorities for a Youth Sports Coach:

  • Top priority: teaching safety techniques
  • Next priority: Avoid specialization – play multiple different sports – not only are their mental benefits(keeping things fresh) but also there are physical benefits(mixing up which muscles you are using)

The One(s) that Got Away

  • Mike shares a high school memory of fumbling on the goalline in a game they lost 7-6.  The thing he remembers though is ‘I am glad it was me.’
  • Mike also shares a story from college football at Virginia where they let a game get away from them against a team they normally should have beaten.  The QB got hurt and the backup QB came in and did well – b/c his team had done all their preparation for the starting QB.

Favorite Quote/Book

Parting Advice

  • Embrace the differences in kids and keep it fun – make them love the sport! The majority of kids stop playing sports by 3rd grade – we’ve made it too serious and taken the fun out of it.

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WYC 019 Youth Baseball – Rob Elwood from ‘Who are you-The Life Lessons of Sports Podcast’ – talks Effort over Results

rob-elwood picWHo are you sports - picWhat does it take to be a winning youth coach? Listen in as Rob Elwood shares coaching stories and discusses his journey to becoming a successful youth coach.

Rob is a sports entrepreneur and hosts the podcast ‘Who are you – the Life Lessons of Sports.’ Rob started out as an intern for the Cleveland Indians, and has continued to work in sports throughout his career.  His podcast features over 130 interviews of collegiate and professional athletes, from Rick Barry of the NBA, to Jonathan Ogden from the NFL – and asks the question – ‘Who are you, and what role did sports have in forming who you are?’  He has coached youth baseball for 15 years. He is married and has two children, a 5 year-old son and a 2 ½ year-old son. They live in Annapolis, Maryland.

Website: whoareyousports.com

Twitter: @whoareyousports

Facebook: /whoareusports

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Coaching/Leadership Quote

▪   ‘Effort over Results’

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My ‘Cringe’ Moment

▪   Rob shares his early experience as a youth coach – he regrets not laying the groundwork with the parents that:

HUGE IDEA #1 – 2 things he will not take input from parents on:

1-   playing-time

2-   game strategy

AH-HA / Pivot Moment

▪   Rob had opportunity to pursue being a General Manager for Major League Baseball – but made a pivot moment based on where he wanted his life to go

Teaching Children & Keeping it Fun

3 things need to happen as a coach or a parent choosing a sports team:

  • Kids are having fun
  • Kids are learning
  • Kids are making new friends

▪   As far as teaching – It’s all about fundamentals, repetitions. Break everything down into small steps. For baseball fielding – break down into 3 steps – fielding the ball, getting into position to throw, then making the throw. Add positive celebrations as they improve each area.

▪   Take your team to high school game – and find teaching points to show them in the game.

Coaching Resources

▪   Football: APlayADay.com

▪   Baseball: Dr. James Andrews’ injury prevention website

▪   Baseball pitching drills: Rick Peterson’s 3P Sports website

▪   Positive Coaching Alliance

▪   UberSense – Video coaching and sports coaching app


HUGE IDEA #2: Discipline starts with a culture:

o  It starts with gratitude: Say thank you to your parents when you get dropped off. Carry your own equipment to/from the field.

o  Be organized – all equipment has a place

o  As a coach – I then need to be organized with a plan

Inspiring Story

▪   Mr. Giggles – A young man Rob coached – always smiling and laughing, but always closed his eyes as soon as the pitcher threw a pitch. Rob and the coaches worked with him, by starting with whiffle balls and tennis balls – to help him overcome his fear.

Coaching/Leadership Motivation

▪   Quote: ‘Effort over results’

▪   Books: Tony Dungy, John Wooden

▪   Books: Malcolm Gladwell: ‘Inside the Tipping Point’ – the stickiness factor

▪   Books: Chip and Dan Heath: ‘Made to Stick

Who are You Sports

▪   Rob wanted to share stories about who the athletes are and how they became who they are. Podcast link

▪   Project he is working on: coaching videos

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New and Noteworthy Podcast with Dave Westwood


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