WYC 050 – Special 50th Episode Guest – James Leath talks Mental Toughness, Travel Sports Alternatives, and Coaching

For our 50th episode – we invited back our first repeat guest on The Winning Youth Coaching Podcast, James Leath.  James’ first interview on the show, WYC Episode 31, was a huge hit and is the #1 downloaded episode all-time on the show.

We switched up the format for this episode and had listeners submit questions on mental toughness – listen in as James provides great new insights on mental toughness.

Website/Coaches’ Notes: jamesleath.com

Twitter: @jamesleath


Listen Now:

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Questions submitted that James answers:

  • People talk about being mentally tough, but what does it mean?
  • Who are some current athletes who display mental toughness?
  • What compelled you to go into youth sports psychology, and how is it different from adult sport psychology?
  • How come some kids seem to be more tough than others? Are you born with mental toughness?
  • What is a mistake recovery routine?

Questions James asks Craig:

  • In your show notes you highlight 1 or 2 Huge Ideas you take from each guest- tell me about a few of the hugest ideas that stick out to you
  • What’s a book you have read about sports that you would recommend?
  • You talk about alternatives to travel sports a lot – why is that so important to you and why are you so passionate about it?

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