The Culture Journey Week #14 – The Why

Week 14
Meeting #6 with Coaching coach – The Why
Had our sixth meeting with Scott Hearon, the co-founder of the Nashville Coaching Coalition. We went through the fifth chapter of Inside-Out Coaching by Joe Ehrmann. In this chapter Joe asks 4 questions:
  1. Why do I coach?
  2. Why do I coach the way I do? (who has influenced my coaching style?)
  3. What does it feel like to be coached by me?
  4. How do I define success?
We all answered these ahead of time for ourselves, and thinking through these was a very good exercise to take us back to why we coach. Most of our answers involved encouraging the young men and women we coach to be better than they can even imagine themselves being. And none of our answers for how we define success had anything to do with winning or losing. It had to do with players developing both on and off the field
This led to an interesting discussion on our upcoming season. We start practices February 1st and have about 4 weeks of practice before our first game. I had created a proposed tracking system for incentivizing players to compete in these practices and as coaches we would post the results at every practice. This was met with little buy-in (I need to work on my sales skills.) The concern mostly was that this would work for higher-achieving teams but our kids aren’t to a level to implement something like this yet. I disagree. We did have a good discussion around this and around choosing captains, and our head coach did say he would take the sheet I proposed with him and think about whether there was any portion of it we could implement. Progress comes in baby steps sometimes! 
I would love to hear your feedback on my tracking system – you can see it at
I hope your seasons are going well – you have to fight every day for your culture – so start off 2017 fighting the good fight! It is worth it!

I am excited to walk this journey with you. I welcome any feedback, ideas, and suggestions you might have as you read through this. You are also welcome to share this with any other coaches you think could benefit from it, and please have them email me at [email protected] if they would like to be added to this email list.

If you are interested in diving deeper on building culture we have started a mastermind group that meets the first and third Wednesday of each month at 12:30 pm EST, see the details at: It is exciting to be with likeminded world-changers.

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