WYC 155 – The War for Four – Brad Butterworth talks Intentionality in Everything You Do

Brad Butterworth is the Director of Education and programs for Shoot360.

Brad has been in basketball development for 18 years as a head high school and collegiate coach. As a high school coach, he was able to help guide Dana Hills to its best records in school history. He’s worked with Florida State University, Western Washington University, Air Force Academy and Colorado College. Coach Butterworth’s success at the high school level was due to the work he put into the youth of his program in order to create a more competitive community and repeat success. He took that philosophy and helped create scale-able basketball development programs using sports technology.

Website: shoot360.com
Facebook: /Shoot360
Instagram: @shoot360
Twitter: @shoot3sixty

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Show Notes – WYC 155 – The War for Four – Brad Butterworth talks Intentionality in Everything You Do

Cringe Moments (Brad calls ‘Turnovers’)

  • Brad went into his early coaching experiences without understanding how he needs to sell his program to the players and parents and community. Selling their vision.


  • Always taken place, whether you say it or not
  • Find shared values with parents

Four Keys

  • 1 – Spacing
  • 2 – Timing
  • 3 – Communication
  • 4 – Dramatics (or engagement) – Am I sold out to this?


  • 4 stages:
    • 1 – Don’t know what they don’t know
    • 2 – Know what they don’t know
    • 3 – Know what they know
    • 4 – Doesn’t even know that he knows (unconsciously competent.) Only way to get here is practice.
  • The War for Four (rule of the doubles)
    • Out-offensive rebound your opponent by factor of 2
    • Shot attempts in the paint 2x amount of opponent
    • Deflections 2x amount of opponent
    • Free-throw attempts 2x amount of opponent

Shoot 360

  • Advanced basketball facility
  • Teach individuals, teams with advanced skill development
  • Get 350+ shots in 1/2 hour. Exact statistics are kept for every shot, allowing for instant corrections
  • Facilities on west coast, Indianapolis, and growing all the time
  • Website: shoot360.com

Parting Advice

  • Don’t worry about winning. Kids need to enjoy the game.

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