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Dave’s bio:

My direct sports coaching experience range from 2-10th grade for the past 10-yrs, but I also intersect with the varsity players while I’m working w JV (girls lacrosse). But my day job (consulting Engineer) is what led me to learning to coach adults on the job, and see how similar the process is between 8-18 yr olds and 22-62 yr olds…different nuances, but it all comes from the same place: connections, compassion and creating community. And it doesn’t have to be all rainbows and unicorns; but it certainly takes a lot more than “managing” and “instructing” with a firm attitude.

My big interest is seeing how critical youth/HS sports are in helping the next generation grow into the best people they can be. And I tell stories about my time as an athlete, mentors I’ve found after college, my family history (Dad created a company/vocation with a HS diploma and a work ethic futures through sports), and the young people I “serve” as their “Chief” Engineer.

And I now use these stories to help PARENTS see how to have less worry and find more joy in their kids’ sports/school.

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Show Notes – WYC 156 – Dave Briglio

Coaching your own kids

  • In an ideal world you can have non-parent coaches, but often there aren’t enough coaches so you have to step up to help the program
  • The key is to be open and honest and communicate with your own kid and the other kids about being a parent coach

Teaching skills

  • Guided Discovery – It is more effective to let the kids figure it out on their own vs you just telling the kids how to do it
  • Start with a basic drill, and as they develop expertise in that skill, you add a twist to the drill to add complexity

Letting the players own the game

  • The players can’t hear you – so barking orders during the game is very inneffective and frustrating
  • Send in instructions with the next group/line. Coach them vs. yelling at the players on the field.

Achieving Peak performance mentally

  • Praise the effort over achievement
  • Fear is a very short-term motivation. A feeling of security and that someone believes in you is best way to increase kids’ confidence.
  • Figure out what you want to celebrate – and do it a bunch, in practice and in games. Real-time (otherwise it feels like false praise if you do it later.)
  • Some of the best praise is when you are doing it ‘behind their back’ – when you are praising someone who is not there at the time.

Self Esteem vs Self Confidence

  • Confidence is what you visibly display. But esteem is what you truly believe about yourself.

Favorite books:

Parting Advice

  • Play with them – Jump in and practice with them

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