New Series – Best Stolen Ideas

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts” – John Wooden


One of the favorite questions I ask every coach I interview is:
‘What is the best thing you have ever learned or stolen from another coach?’

This week we launch a new 7-part series that will share 40 responses I’ve received to that question during the first 91 WYC interviews. We’ll break the series up as follows:
1 – Teaching & Coaching Styles
2 – Developing character
3 – Practice format
4 – Mental Toughness & Learning from mistakes
5 – Game Strategies
6 – Culture & Commitment
7 – Parent coaching

4 of the answers to this question actually directly addressed upping your coaching skills by learning from others:

  • From Coach K – Go learn everything you can, but then make it your own. ‘You’re going to write your own story, make sure you use your own pen.’ – Paul Niggebrugge
  • Everybody steals most of their ideas, the key is to make it your own and individualize everything based on the needs of the team/person – Corey Bridges
  • Go to other teams/coaches’ practices! At every level. – Lee Miller
  • Alan Stein: When watching someone else do a drill that you are going to implement- Ask:
    1. Why are you doing it?
    2. How are you doing it?
    3. What is the end result supposed to be?

Think about the learning curve we are getting by picking the brains of the mentors of 91 of the best youth coaches! Get your notebooks out and we’ll dive deep next week!

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