Abundance Vs. Scarcity Mentality

‘Instead, I have an abundance mentality: When people are genuinely happy at the successes of others, the pie gets larger’ – Stephen Covey
As coaches we all would say growing our sport in our local area so more kids can enjoy it is the ultimate goal, right?
Yet how much time and energy do we spend scheming X’s and O’s so we can beat our cross-town rival?
Compare that to how much time we spend strategizing how to grow our sport.
I was very excited and encouraged recently when one of the local high school lacrosse coaches reached out to all of the other coaches in our county, to pull together a meeting with all of us, with the sole purpose of discussing how we can grow the sport in our county.
We met for the first time last night, brainstormed on a bunch of ideas, and agreed upon the goal of making our county the hotbed of lacrosse in the state of Tennessee.
‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ one of my mentors Dan Miller says.
Such a simple step by this coach, just sent an email to see who was interested.
A roomful of different personalities. A roomful of different styles. A roomful of different backgrounds. Yet no one could deny that growing the sport as a whole will benefit all of our individual programs.
I’m sure when we play each other in the spring we will want to beat each other to a pulp and that intensity will not go away. But maybe a little voice in our ear will remind us of this higher objective when something gets us heated during the game. And the kids and parents who witness us living out our pursuit of this higher objective will be more drawn to the sport than ever.

Another mentor of mine used to say: ‘Hit them hard then help them up.’ 
Let’s create men and women who fight ferociously yet have a sound understanding of perspective and respect. The origin of the word compete means ‘to strive together.’
Could you pull together a meeting of your local coaches and get this same kind of conversation going? Do it.

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