6 Mental Toughness Tips – Best Stolen Ideas – Part 4

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never failing but in rising again after falling” – Vince Lombardi


One of the favorite questions I ask every coach I interview is:
‘What is the best thing you have ever learned or stolen from another coach?’
Here are 6 Mental Toughness Best Practices:
  1. “When coaching a kid in a game – if you want to pull them out to teach them something – don’t pull the kid out and put them at the end of the bench.  Pull them out, teach them, then put them immediately back into the game.  That way kids don’t see coming to the bench as a punishment, they see it as an opportunity to learn.” – John Doss
  2. “When you take the time to teach your boys, there’s an implied confidence, that you believe they can achieve, and that’s praise in itself” – John Wooden
  3. Ed Sheft – Mental toughness – You have to know you are better than your competitor
  4. Charlie ‘The Spaniard’ Brenneman – “The way I overcome fear and nerves is to know that I have outworked and out-prepared my competition”
  5. Chip Kelly – after tough loss, talked about moving forward not looking back: “We run a forward-looking operation”
  6. “Practice is everything” – Pete Carroll
Teach our kids to be tough by believing in them! Next week we’ll look at some great in-game strategies.

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